Use of Identify and Access Management Software


Identify Access Management (IAM) is the process which allows a business administration to identify and manage data and system resources from an unauthenticated user. It facilitates the management of electronic and digital identities. With this kind of software's, the management can control the access of users to essential and crucial information within the organization. The primary objective of IAM is to grant or deny the access of confidential information to organizations environment. Both internal and external. With the assistance of this management system, the people allowed or have the authorization within the iam companies can quickly search and identify the individual who is accessing the unauthorized information without permission. The system involves; authenticatication, authorization, user management, and central user repository.

The user management system at controls the user's access to information and protection of data from the user. It involves functions like password setting and resetting, identity creation and transmission of information. It is concerned with the user gaining authorization and protecting the information at their disposal. Authentication involves confirmation of user ID and passwords. This means that access to information is controlled and is private to the user in the organization. It is of great assistance in tracking the user's activity and shows the information a user has accessed across different sessions of interaction between the user and the computer system.

It counterchecks the users request to obtain specific information against the policies of the organization concerning the same. If an employee is seeking some information that the organization doesn't want them to access, the system denies merely them the access. Authorization, on the other hand, involves checking of details like user attributes, user group, channels and data resources that can be accessed. Read more about governance at

The identify access management systems should consist of all the required controls and tools to get and record user login information, control the organization's database of user identities and take of removing or granting access privileges. The system should also be fast to reduce the time it consumes to complete the procedures and allow administrations to immediately see and change access rights. Many business owners use the management system to maintain privacy and keep the confidential information within the organization. Leaking of sensitive information could be risky. If information lands on the hands of the wrong person like competitor or business rival, they could use it against the organization and gain competitive advantage. Leaked confidential information can also be used to tarnish the good corporate and social image of the organization. It is, therefore, essential to keep control and manage the potential occurrence of such situation by the use of identifying and access management system.